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Promotional Memory Sticks – Design

Promotional Memory Sticks - Design

Functional Design

Promotional memory sticks are able to provide an exceptional amount of functionality as they are not only utilised for branding, but can continue to function as a storage medium for all types of electronic data. Both – the tangible and appropriately branded memory stick itself, and the inclusion of suitable marketing material and multimedia that’s stored on it, will effectively serve to represent your brand. In today’s busy work environment where information is accessed all the time, this can easily be up to 10 times, or more per day.

In regards to branding, and extending your “corporate identity” in a strategic direction, memory sticks allow for a great degree of creativity in design aesthetics.  Promotional, including printed and laser etched memory sticks can be used to firstly express a unique or enticing facet of your brand through their initial design. This is made practically possible since they can be shaped, coloured and branded in almost any way you desire. You may choose a professional ‘business card’ design, or possibly a funky ‘car-shaped’ design, depending on what appeals to your target market.

Investing in expertly-crafted, branded memory sticks will do more than say “we are an innovative and forward thinking company” but will also be easily remembered due to the attention-grabbing appeal of the visual aspect. Now, this is apart from the enormous promotional potential in terms of storing the most-effective marketing content on it: from company profile, to project portfolio, to PowerPoint presentations, to HD video presentations, and other powerful advertising resources. The best part is that with little to no effort at all users could copy and share your brand information, promoting your business in ways that would normally take much more time and money.

One of the key factors to also be kept in mind when it comes to widespread and useful technological hardware, like branded memory sticks, is simply to aim for a vividly distinguished end-product. This is where the knowledge, skill and experience of Ignition’s team come in. If you cannot find an existing product that fits like a glove with your core brand development initiative, then we will gladly work with you to strategise around the concept, and then manage the project all the way through to production.

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