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The best branded bags for work!

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The best branded bags for work!

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In the corporate environment there’s no way of circumventing the fact that “image” matters. While companies are paying careful attention to the value of branded corporate clothing, many have failed to fully appreciate the value of clothing accessories such as bags. Some pioneering and frontline businesses, however, have realised that corporate work bags have vastly evolved to become an integral feature of one’s professional ensemble in today’s fast-paced commercial environment.

By tapping into this trend these businesses have successfully used branded work bags to achieve multiple benefits – as corporate gifts to valued clients, in appreciation of employees for their work commitment, as well as to enhance their corporate and brand identity. The design, essential functionality, popularity, adaptability as well as widespread visibility of branded work bags in the marketplace, make them much more than just another rudimentary accessory.

Quality investment

Investing in high quality promotional work bags to complement your staff uniforms is a decision that you needn’t deliberate over. At the same time, in order to ensure that you enjoy maximum value from your branded work bags, it is critical that intellectual property such as your trademarks are accurately, distinctly, and professionally expressed. This will help you to promote your business effectively. The attention to detail reflected in the printed work bags will suggest a high standard of workmanship. This high level of craft will in-turn demonstrate the value you place on employees and clients – helping you to also reinforce these vital relationships.

When it comes to developing a formidable and credible brand identity, no matter your industry or specialisation, it is critical that your management and employees are well presented. Your workforce will invariably be scrutinised by clients, hence your professionally manufactured corporate work bags will offer you an indispensable benefit. It should also be noted that substandard tog-bags and backpacks will probably harm your brand reputation more than you expect. These cheaper substitutes cannot be compared to the appeal and elegance of expertly designed and skilfully produced branded work bags.

At Ignition we understand the importance of brand development and building brand loyalty. We are committed to ensure that your branded work bags adequately reflect the high standard you are setting within your industry.

Brand development

If you are dedicated to strengthening your brand identity in today’s viciously competitive business world, then it is a must to ensure that your label is always associated with excellence and quality. Ignition is not only a supplier of printed work bags and other corporate gifts, but also home to industry leading  branding experts. Our specialised consultative approach has enabled many customers to take their brands to new heights. We understand the ins and outs of differentiating businesses within their market segment. Furthermore, if you find that our broad range of promotional work bags somehow still doesn’t meet your specific needs – then our creative team will gladly assist you in developing a prototype and facilitate the production and supply of your tailored product.

Printed work bags are undeniably also one of the most powerful brand ambassadors as these extensions to your staff uniform will be used frequently in and out of the office on a daily basis. It is comforting to know that your sales team, for example, looks the part.

Functional and appealing

Your branded work bag needs to be made of durable fabric and should be ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use. This ensures that your bags will last longer, be more resistant to damage, and will adequately protect the valuable items contained within. Our diverse range of high quality bags offers you peace of mind since they are designed for maximum strength, functionality and aesthetics.

There could be nothing more unprofessional and embarrassing than walking into a seminar or meeting with a work bag that looks subpar. We understand that aesthetic appeal in design is a major factor, and there’s no reason why your uniquely branded work bags can’t also be stylish and pristine. This is a major plus for employees who will proudly carry their promotional work bags in and out of the office. An appealing design also means that staff and clients can easily carry their bags into a social environment.

Regarding your corporate gift of choice, as mentioned, you can opt for one of the existing branded bags or allow us to help you develop a design from scratch. Our experienced team will assist you from start to finish, based on your preferences and desired level of customisation.