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Brand Your Favourite Sweets and Chocolates

Branded Sweets and chocolates from Ignition Marketing's Branded Range

Brand Your Favourite Sweets and Chocolates

Can you resist a complimentary mint or a decadent chocolate? If your answer is no, this is most likely true for the majority of your clients and staff as well. It is for this very reason that you should consider sweets and chocolates as part of your corporate gifting strategy.

Chocolates and other sweet treats are enjoyed by the vast majority of people. However, we know that tastes differ and this is why you should not have just one sweet treat as part of your selection. Using chocolates, sweets and other edible treats is an excellent branding mechanism. Though wrappers are discarded, when packaged correctly in beautiful tins and other ornate boxes, these products can enjoy a second life. It is for this reason that we have such a wide range of sweets and chocolates, as well as packaging options, available for you to choose from. We combine eye-catching wrappers, decedent taste and great packaging to make these treats irresistible.

How can I use these sweet treats?

These treats can be used as part of bespoke bouquets, hampers or stand alone gifts. Combined with your logo, special prints and eye-catching designs, sweets are a great addition of any gift. 

Each product contains high quality ingredients to tantalise the taste buds. Through careful selection and branding, you can ensure that you create an “experience”, as opposed to giving something that might end up at the bottom of someones drawer. 

You can use them for meetings, exhibitions, promotions, year-end gifts and much more. Choose from our wide selection of branded sweets and chocolates and customise them to your preference and taste.  

Why are branded sweets and chocolates practical?

  • Chocolates and sweets are very popular products and they are rarely overlooked. This ensures that your brand enjoys some attention, when packaged correctly.
  • In addition, sweets and chocolates are an effective and affordable marketing tool with a good shelf-life. 
  • Sweets and chocolates are an easy way for you to add some extra flair to gifts for staff and clients
  • Furthermore, chocolates and sweet packaging can be customised as standalone gifts or as part of hampers.

We would love to have you experience how these sweet treats can make your brand sing. We can guide you on how you can use our range to form part of hampers, bouquets or even as standalone gifts. Get in touch for more information on how you can create a great experience.