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Corporate Gifts; What is Branded Mugs?

Branded cups and ceramics from Ignition Marketing's Branded Range

Corporate Gifts; What is Branded Mugs?

Mugs are highly versatile items that continue to be used daily by millions. At Ignition we created a range of branded mugs that are both practical and eye-catching. From coffee and tea mugs to microwave mugs. We have an extensive range of mugs that come in various colours and designs to perfectly suit your brand’s needs.

Each mug can be customised with logo’s and prints to creatively expose your brand while keeping your services in the forefront of the minds that matter most to your business – clients, employees, investors and any other groups.

Corporate mugs make for a perfect gift as people have a way of getting attached to appealing glassware, especially those that allow them to sip their tea, coffee or favourite beverage from. The general use of a mug is also regular, which will ensure your brand is not hidden away in the back of a dusty cupboard.

Our mugs are quality produced, expertly designed and carefully branded – allowing for a corporate gift that is not only effective but durable and lasting too. Put your brand in the hands of millions with simple yet undeniably effective promotional mugs today.