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Brand Merchandising is Important for Car Dealerships?

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Why Brand Merchandising is Important for Car Dealerships?

Allow Ignition Marketing to assist your car dealership or car manufacturer business through effective out-of-the-box, below the line merchandising strategies. Our range of uniquely customisable branded gifts and clothing are the perfect solution for ‘changing gears’ and gaining a real advantage over your competitors when it comes to sales – both to new and existing customers.

We work with some of the leading car manufacturers and we have built eCommerce platforms to assist the growth of accessibility to your branded merchandise. Why can you only purchase Car Enthusiast Gifts & Merchandise from the dealership and not online? With our custom built eCommerce platform we can assist with taking your merchandise directly to your customers phone, tablet or desktop, to increase your brand exposure and loyalty.

By allowing your customers to easily purchase your dealership’s brand on a cap or branded t-shirt, the customer can proudly wear your brand and advertise their loyalty to their car brand.

Whether you specialise in new or used vehicles, repairs and services, or a separate niche’ altogether, we certainly have a diverse selection of promotional gifts and clothing ideal for anyone operating in the automotive sector. Kick off a new campaign or enhance your existing one with industry-related corporate gifts like key rings, seat covers and air fresheners, to mention just a few possible options.

Keep your brand on the right track and moving forward with great promotional and branded corporate gifts from Ignition.

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