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A New Year brings new opportunities – Tips & Tools for Your Best Year Yet

Branded Goods and Corporate Gifts for the New Year from Ignition

A New Year brings new opportunities- Tips & Tools for Your Best Year Yet

The new year is an exciting time filled with endless possibilities for both companies and employees. It’s a chance to make a fresh start where we all have the opportunity to make a positive change to our daily lives both in and out of work. A fantastic way to start is by identifying your strategy around Branded Goods and Corporate Gifts for staff and clients.

1. Welcome employees back with Branded Goods and Corporate Gifts

To ensure that you start the year off right, it is crucial that employees feel welcome and appreciated helping them settle back into the swing of things. There is no better way to make someone feel appreciated than with a gift. When choosing gifts for employees, it can be challenging. You will have to consider different likes and preferences but the options are endless. Regardless, every professional will appreciate a welcome back gift. Some examples of “welcome back to work” gifts you can give to your team(s) include:

Office mugs

Everyone in the organisation will use mugs, whether for tea or coffee. Mugs are used on a daily basis. This is what makes them perfect for anyone’s day to day life in the working world. You can add funny or inspirational quotes or even memes on the mugs to add a smile to your teams’ faces along with your logo and branding. When choosing office mugs, you can choose from a variety of options, so try and get creative with the mug that you choose. 

Personalised stationery

Stationery is something each employee uses all day everyday making it a practical gift. You can have the most basic stationery such as notebooks, pencils, and pens customised and branded so that employees can enjoy and appreciate them more. Add some flair to these mundane office essentials to make them stand-out and be more memorable.

2. New employee welcome kit ideas

Engaging with new employees should begin before they even enter the organisation. By providing them with welcome kits to ensure that you have a successful onboarding programme, this ensures that new employees feel comfortable, important and part of the team from the onset. These kits build the new employees’ perception of the organisation and reinforce their belief that they are in a business that cares about their best interest. Branded Goods and Corporate Gifts cultivates a perception of unity and oneness for new starters. Some of the items that you can provide in the welcome kit include:

Company swag

Company SWAG (Stuff We All Get) is any company branded products that your employees will look forward to receiving. The Ignition’s iSwag range has the perfect employee starter kits which leave a lasting impression. These gifts range from coffee mugs, water bottles, notebooks and t-shirts. Add a personal touch to these company SWAG kits by branding the employees’ names on them, which will make them feel even more appreciated.

Safety essentials

In the pandemic era that we live in, it is crucial to ensure workers remain safe in the workspace. Workers and companies must follow basic hygiene and safety measures. The company can provide hand sanitisers and face masks in the employee welcome kits. Making your employees feel safe reinforces a strong sense of caring and belonging and highlights the importance of a safe working environment.

Office supplies

Office supplies are vital for any welcome kit as they include the essential items required for every workday. Adding office supplies to these kits will assist your new starters to get into the thick of things from the get go, without scrambling around to find the essentials to be productive. Office supplies can range from basic items such as pens, notebooks, post-its, markers, highlighters, staplers, folders, scissors, desk cleaning supplies and so much more.

3. Contemplate a makeover

The new year is the best time to make changes and refresh, and the same can be said for your business. Reinventing your brand or even finessing its finer details can make a big difference on the impression you create and more importantly what you leave behind. Your business’ image is reflected through your team and every touchpoint they have with clients and prospects. It is essential that you have them looking their best and represent the essence of your brand. Kitting out your team in new uniforms and clothing that is trendy and unique can be a huge differentiator that should be leveraged.

4. Plan for events

The New Year is a perfect time to plan for events and brand activations. Preparing well in advance is crucial if you want to make your mark. Events are usually an overload of information for attendees. By preparing well in advance you can ensure your brand stands out amongst the crowd. This is also a good time to plan for company events with team members for team building and ushering in your plans for the coming months. 

Due to COVID the most popular ideas for events are outdoor events. Company picnics, bush excursions, golf days and many other outdoor events are real crowd pleasers. The most important thing is to make sure that these occasions carry the weight and gravitas of the purpose behind the event. These events can create a wonderful platform to showcase your brand, your business values and also be a spoil for attendees. 

Ensuring you deliver your brand message can be daunting, but that is why Ignition is here to assist. A wide range of products to support both outdoor and indoor events is exactly what we specialise in. From indoor and outdoor display, corporate gifts, clothing and so much more. We provide essential consulting services to assist you to stand in the limelight at any event.

5. Strengthen relationships with Clients through Branded Goods and Corporate Gifts

Clients are the lifeblood within any organisation as they contribute to the success or downfall of any business. Investing in your clients is investing in the future and longevity of your business. It is crucial that you take the necessary measures to keep the bond between you and your clients strong. In the new year, you can focus on strengthening your relationship with your clients by giving them something unique and something with a personal touch. 

The run of the mill simply won’t do anymore. Though extremely useful, notebooks, pens, mugs and other similar gifts are a dime a dozen. Look for something new and stay ahead of the curve. Give something that is useful, novel and distinguishes your brand while showing your values. It can be challenging to select the perfect gift for clients, but you can choose from a variety of ideas two of which we feel are trending right now:


The continuing load shedding, which is an unfortunate reality in South Africa, often leaves one with a flat battery and important phone calls that just can’t wait. Powerbanks offer a solution to this common issue. Powerbanks are portable and useful gifts that can be kept in a laptop bag for any situation where the need for a charge is vital.

Custom Hampers

Custom hampers can be personalised to your customers or staff’s needs. There is nothing quite like a good hamper to make an impact. When multiple products are put together the whole can have a greater impact than the sum of its parts. A hamper shows that careful attention to detail and a personal touch goes a long way.