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Why Personalised Gifts are the way to your Clients & Employee’s hearts

Personalised gifts for employees and clients from Ignition

Why Personalised Gifts Are the Way to your Clients & Employees’ Hearts.

What is corporate gifting?

Corporate gifting refers to the practice of offering gifts to clients and employees to express appreciation and gratitude. There are endless possibilities to gifts, it all just depends on the occasion and who you are giving it to. Gifting enables companies to make an impression while creating a connection with people. 

Why are personalised gifts for employees and clients important?

Everyone loves receiving gifts, and the same applies to corporate gifts. Corporate gifting creates a positive experience in the mind of the recipients. In-turn this will form a positive association with the brand. It also ensures that you build better relationships with clients and customers alike. Corporate gifting is also known to be one of the best marketing methods.

How corporate gifts improve working relationships

1. Builds and maintains relationships

Many factors influence why a client chooses your business over another. One of the factors that will ensure that they keep doing business with you is the relationship you build with them. Suppose you never interact with clients unless you are invoicing. In that case, they may have no personal connection to your business or brand. Without a personal touch you might see them to choosing another business over yours, in the future.

To ensure that you build a strong relationship with clients, you should not only just keep in touch with them but show your appreciation throughout the year. When clients receive gifts from you, they will feel appreciated & treasured – in return they may continue building the relationship with you and your brand. 

2. Make recipients feel valued

The key to ensuring that you keep your clients and employees is making certain that they always feel valued. If your customers or employees feel undervalued, this could potentially ruin your brand image and brand equity. 7 out of 10 clients will choose to do business with another company if they do not perceive any tangible difference or “value add”. 

Employees who feel undervalued by the organisation will also become despondent, making them less effective. It may also be the trigger to lead them to look for somewhere else where they are valued. Most companies believe that the key to ensuring that employees feel valued is through direct communication from their leaders conveying their appreciation. The reality is that this is only a part of it. Well-timed corporate gifts or gift packs will make employees feel valued by the organisation as it shows that you are always willing to go the extra mile for them. 

3. Creates positive work culture

Employees who feel undervalued often become less productive when they are at work. When employees become less productive, you will have a less effective workforce. The nett effect is losing your most powerful brand ambassadors. Corporate gifts can be given as a reward to employees who go over in acknowledgement of their hard work. Gifting high achievers is also a way to cultivate a positive work environment motivating your employees as they feel noticed and appreciated. 

4. Separates you from competitors

The reality is that there are many businesses that might be offering similar services or products. It is essential that you maintain some competitive edge within your industry. The key to ensuring that your clients are satisfied is by adding a personal touch, celebrating the successes  and offering them regular corporate gifts. This is one of the best methods to differentiate yourself from competitors. Providing corporate gifts also sends out the message that you care about your clients and are willing to do anything to ensure that they are always happy. Another benefit of using corporate gifts is that it might assist in attracting new customers through word of mouth. Happy customers talk and can eventually become very strong brand ambassadors.  

In conclusion

Corporate gifting offers plenty of benefits for businesses who use them wisely to their benefit for both customers and staff members. With this in mind, Ignition together with our global partners, aim to bring you an exciting range of high-quality on-trend corporate gifts that you can be proud to associate your brand with!