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Branded Corporate Clothing

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Branded Corporate Clothing

Many businesses are becoming aware of the  importance procuring corporate clothing before the seasonal changes. Whether you are enhancing your brand image with branded corporate clothing or with a thoughtful corporate gift. Making sure to Plan in advance will make your gesture much more meaningful. In addition, you may also find that there are cost benefits to planning ahead.

Saving money with smart planning on branded clothing

Purchasing your corporate wear and gifts prior to the start of a season is a smart cost-saving exercise. This is primarily due to price escalations on items as the seasons change. In other words, supply versus demand during seasonal changes has a big impact on costs.

Branded corporate gear is not only functional and practical, but also a great way to create brand awareness. Whether it is for your staff or as gifts to clients, branded goods with a clear benefit goes a long way. Another benefit is that your brand may attract a wider audience than you anticipate, if the branding is done tactfully. It isn’t often that representatives from one business wear another’s corporate clothing. However, if it a smart blazer won at a golf day or casual golf shirt that is tastefully branded, you may be delightfully surprised. 

You should never discredit the power of promotional gifts to accompany your corporate gear. With your logo on coffee mugs, thermal flasks and other drinkware, your brand will be top of mind – every season. The same can be said for gifts, such as T-shirts and Golf shirts, Jackets, Hoodies and other fan favourites. In essence, your exposure increases based on the value your clients perceive through your corporate gifting strategy. Branded goods carry immense power when used correctly. Especially if the quality is good and if the branding is done well. In short, a solid strategy gains much more exposure and carries much more clout. 

A Quality Range from Rosa Accredited Partners

Our range of clothing for mens and ladies clothing is extensive. Ranging from smart to casual, our selection of corporate ensemble can cater for any occasion. We stock and source products from Rosa accredited suppliers, distributors and manufacturers. In addition, we have a focus on using South African produced goods in order to pave the way for a stronger local economy and support local businesses. An investment in a solid corporate clothing and gifting strategy is sure to be fruitful. In addition to cultivating company loyalty and greater work satisfaction with staff you will also create brand uniformity. Always take into account that staff members are also your best brand ambassadors.

It cannot be over emphasised that appropriate seasonal corporate clothing will miss its effectiveness when ordered too late. Plan and budget well in advance and ensure that you order your corporate clothing to coincide with a desirable delivery date. To discuss the ideal time to buy your seasonal corporate clothing, please feel free to reach out to Ignition. We will ensure you receive the best advise on when and what your staff, clients, customers and other stakeholders would find most appealing.