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Corporate gifts and brand activation

Branded goods and display for brand activations and events

Corporate gifts and brand activations

Brand activations and events are excellent opportunities for branded goods

Brand activations enable businesses to create an experience for their clients, potential clients and target audience. However, one must take stock of importance and significance of the event. Varying levels of brand activation and events requires different approaches. In essence, you need to match the event type to the level of your investment in branded goods. Corporate gifts are the ideal tool for a brand to get the necessary exposure for these types of events.

Your investment needs to match the occasion and resonate with your audience

Many businesses are continuously making huge announcements. These can range from expanding on their products and services offering or repositioning themselves in the market. However, irrespective of the announcement, any change or expansion deserves to be a marked occasion. In short, it must be impactful, tactful and memorable. The more your business or brand opens up to your target market or constituents, the stronger your relationships will become. In addition to strengthening relationships you also create brand recognition, retention and recall.

Corporate gifts and branded goods have the potential to carry a brand and its message further than you would expect. In addition these branded goods keeps resonating with your audience after the event is done. Your brand stays top of mind when your branded goods are used on a daily basis.  More importantly, this type of marketing strategy is a smart way to encourage Word of Mouth (WoM) marketing. Which is still the most effective way for you to market your business.

Staying top of mind and relevant through brand activations and events 

Activating a brand is a way to open opportunities for any business. Corporate gifts can be as simple as a pen or as generous as a laptop bag. However, branding them correctly is what makes the difference. In addition, these activations would not be complete without the correct signage, banners and other display items that evoke excitement and create a vibe. Your use of display, both indoor and outdoor, can make a very big difference to how the brand is perceived. After all, brand activations and events are launchpads to generate buzz behind your brand. 

Ignition’s team are the experts in corporate gifting and branding. We supply a wide range of unique corporate gifts to a host of prestigious companies across the country and abroad. Whether you want to use corporate gifts to thank your loyal clients or distribute them to promote your brand, we can assist. Ignition will guide you in selecting the most effective corporate gifts based on your vision. In addition, we will also guide you on what indoor and outdoor display would be best suited to your event.

Utilised effectively, branded goods, corporate clothing as well as striking indoor and outdoor display can generate the energy you want behind your brand. Get in touch with us so one of our specialist consultants can contact you for your next activation or event. Or have a look at our range of indoor and outdoor display, branded goods and clothing for ideas for your next event.