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Branded Hampers: The Next Best Thing

Branded Hampers and gift sets from Ignition Marketing's Branded Range

Branded Hampers: The Next Best Thing

A hamper is without a doubt a gift that everyone loves. Hampers evoke a perception of thoughtfulness as it reaches far beyond a generic cup or pen. Very seldomly will a hamper be discarded or items in the hamper go unused or unnoticed.

Creating a connection with a personal

There is no better way to connect and strengthen valued relationships than through a hamper. When you pair your hamper with a well thought out theme or combine it with a special occasion, you can create a powerful connection. Each product in the hamper must have a unique function and purpose. By making sure the product selection resonates with your theme and audience you can ensure that you make a lasting impression. You must consider which branded goods fits with your theme as well as the overall presentation of the hamper. How it will be packaged as well as how it will be delivered to your target audience also plays a big part in how your message comes across. 

Selecting the right hamper for the right occasion 

Hampers can be used to reward and celebrate the loyalty and dedication from customers and staff members alike. Using hampers to mark specific events, achievements or occasions can cultivate strong feelings of association between your brand and the individual receiving the hamper. Paying attention to the finer detail is what matters with these types of gifts. Conveying a message either very subtly or very poignantly is not always as easy as one thinks. Further to this, it is a very fine art to combine multiple ideas into a single product that represent the essence of a brand, theme, concept or occasion.

It is for this very reason that our team of branding and sourcing experts does all the legwork for you. We understand the subtle art, finesse and psychology behind a well constructed hamper. Ultimately, the success of your strategy is the benchmark by which we measure the success of our work. This is why we source only the best from our product range as well as our Rosa accredited partners

Sourcing the correct products is the key

Ignition has a wide variety of branded hampers which are thoughtfully combined to suit any brand, business or occasion. We can create hampers varying in size and themes to match your budget. Our versatile range of bespoke promotional hampers are designed to bring your brand’s voice to life. Whether it is a gifting option for a high-end client or a charity giveaway, we have something to suit every need.

From state-of-the-art tech hampers, to novelty and tourist hampers the combinations are virtually limitless. Each item can be adapted to accommodate your unique themes, occasions and branding objectives. Hampers are thoughtful gifts that range from food, to tech items, stationary and more. It makes your brand more relatable and creates a personal connection between your brand and the recipient.

Select from existing options or design a customised hamper based on your specific preferences – the choice is yours.