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More than just a Gifting Industry

Branded merchandise and promotional products

More than just a Gifting Industry

Promotional products & corporate clothing as part of your marketing strategy

Your business, like all other businesses, requires a solid marketing strategy to promote growth and retention. Henry Ford said, “Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time”. Business need to advertise their products, service offerings, expertise and above all their brand. Your brand must be front and centre, uniform across all functions and consistent. It is for this reason that branded goods, promotional products and corporate clothing should form part of your marketing strategy. Your brand must look the part at all times, over  multiple mediums and mechanisms.

Promotional product and branded goods play a vital role in the marketing mix of any brand. Corporate clothing brings uniformity to a brand’s representatives and team. While branded goods, such as folders, notebooks, pens and other accoutrements are an extension of this unified image. In addition, corporate gifts that represent you and your business need to follow the same modus operandi. Without these products there is no glue to bind brand and people or brand and perception.

Creating perceived value through the act of giving

The value of giving can never be understated. A brand that gives back to its team, clients and the community ads value to everyone who has a stake in the business. With this having been said, this perceived value can be a vessel for your brand. Your brand is an extension of your ideals, mantra, methodology and values. With this in mind, you can use promotional products, branded goods and corporate clothing to communicate these elements of your brand identity. Whether it is fun and funky or professional and reliable, these messages can reside in the mechanisms you use to make your brand tangible. 

Follow the trends of promotional products – staying relevant

Simply put, promotional products are one of the many advertising mediums that forms part of the whole of a brand’s marketing efforts. These products serve the purpose of enhancing the image and impact of a brand and can also influence a brand’s reach, equity and recall.

It is important to keep up with the trends that others are following. David Ogilvy said, “If you want to be interesting, be interested”. It is in your best interest to partner with a business that can assist you to stay relevant with your branded goods. Ignition has been the branded goods industry for over two decades. It is our business to know what is trending, what is outdated and what will become a trend.More importantly, it is our business to help you benefit from this tacit knowledge. We have industry experts at your disposal, that are raring to have a chance to build your brand. 

Certified professionals for promotional products & branded goods

Our business landscape is always evolving. In addition, technological advances enables us to breach traditional geographic barriers. It has never been more important to ensure your brand remains consistent.

Ignition’s national footprint enables us serve brands all across Southern Africa. However, we are not limited to just South Africa. We do business across the entire continent and even serve brands abroad. Our experts source world class products both locally and internationally to ensure our clients can remain relevant and on trend. We pride ourselves in our extensive range. In addition we also boast about our professional  team of specialists who have been industry leaders for over two decades. The corporate gifting industry has reached unprecedented levels of sophistication and an almost endless supply of unique products.

Ignition believes in matching our clients needs with the right branded marketing solution. In addition, Ignition operates with ROSA accredited member companies. The companies have been qualified to have the correct tools and expertise and share our commitment to quality. Over and above this, Ignition is also an accredited ROSA member. It is through this accreditation that we commit ourselves to the pursuit of excellence in our branded marketing solutions. This is by definition also an extension of our commitment to quality, professionalism and service delivery. 

We are on call to help you anywhere, anytime and with anything you need to complete your branded marketing solution strategy. Get in touch with our team so we can assist you with making your brand come alive in the hearts of your clients, staff and other constituents.