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Spreading brand fever with Corporate Gifts & Clothing

Perfect gifting ideas for corporate clothing, gifts and goods

Spreading brand fever with Corporate Gifts and Clothing

Cultivating and growing solid business relationships

Having good business relationships with clients, suppliers and other stakeholders is always top of mind. Furthermore it is often the first step towards retaining, growing and developing ties between your constituents. Though all relationship are multifaceted one constant remains – expressing gratitude, respect and loyalty is the foundation towards future growth. 

Corporate gifts are one of the mechanisms used to communicate these sentiments. Although corporate gifts should form part of any marketing strategy, the essence of gifting is to express gratitude and encourage growth. Whether corporate gifts are distributed annually at important events or for special occasions they are still one of the most effective ways of expressing gratitude. In addition, it does also do a world of good for promoting your business or brand.

By showing a vested interest in the lives of your clients, staff and other stakeholders you gain their trust and respect. However, you have to be attentive to the fact that a disingenuous gesture will do more harm than good. Do not pawn off cheap knick-knacks that does not hold any value. Pay attention to your selection, timing, packaging and the way it is delivered. In short, the true power of corporate gifting is in the way the gift is given and creating an emotive moment.

Your selection of corporate gifts should carry weight, have a perceived value and communicate sincerity. However, you might be asking yourself. “How do you capture all of that in something as simple as a corporate gift?”

The answer to this question may be simpler than you think.


Understanding the process is our business and we pass this on to you

Ignition has been in the corporate gifting and branded goods industry for more than two decades. It is our business to know how to capture your intentions and translate that to your clients. In addition, we have made it our business to understand the psychology behind the process. In other words, The gift itself, the presentation or packaging, the method of delivery and tying all of this back to you and your brand.

Although handing out calendars and coffee mugs are great, these gifts may become monotonous. This is simply due to every other second business doing the same. The fact is, you can only have so many diaries, mugs, calendars and pens, before they start losing their novelty. However, with the correct messaging, and more importantly, the correct intent, these mundane objects may become very valued. The question here is, how do you differentiate yourself? How do you make the rest of the mugs end up in the back of the cupboard and have your branded mug on the desk you want it on?


Bridging the gap between emotion and practicality 

Earlier in this article we made mention of the fact that Ignition can provide you with the answers to these questions. Our benchmark is one simple question. The question is – Are you standing out above your competitors in your corporate gifting strategy?

Getting the mix right, is how we help you to differentiate yourself. The meticulous selection of the right gift for the right occasion, packaging, delivery method etc. is what we enjoy most.

Ignition offers an array of corporate gifts for any time of the year and for any lifestyle. Our corporate clothing range offers a selection of men’s and women’s clothing for a smart or casual look whilst our promotional gifts are unparalleled in the industry.


Corporate Gifts for Clients

interestingly enough, in certain circumstances,  you will find that corporate clothing often outshines its counterparts. The fundamental idea being that it may be something useful out of the office environment. Outdoor and leisure items are also a sure fire way of providing both practicality, as well as reaffirming that you know your client has a life outside of their work routine. Acknowledging this life beyond work is usually well received and shows your clients that you understand them beyond your ongoing business dealings. Furthermore, a well thought through gift goes further than the average gift ever can.

Beyond the obvious, corporate gifts, branded goods and clothing can:

  • Improve awareness, recognition and recall
  • Provide insight into the company’s values and character
  • Illustrate the trust between your company and your client
  • Show an understanding of who your clients are and what they stand for, and
  • Increases your brand equity 


Please get in touch with us so we can find you the winning combination. Our team has been expertly trained to assist you with the entire process from concept to delivery. You are also welcome to have a look at our ranges of corporate gifts, branded goods and corporate clothing to get the creative juices going.