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How to pick the perfect giveaway?

How to pick the perfect giveaway?

We have over 10 000 products to choose from, but picking the perfect promotional product to use as a giveaway can be difficult and confusing! Often customers choose an inexpensive gift (Corporate Gift or Corporate Clothing) . However, there are so many factors that comes into play when choosing a giveaway product!

To get you started, we have chosen the top 5 questions to help you choose the perfect gift (Corporate Gift or Corporate Clothing).

The Perfect Giveaway Product

  1. Who is your target market? Understanding who your audience will be, helps you find the right item to giveaway. Have a look at the factors like age, gender, occupation, interests/hobbies, income and other key factors about your audience. Promotional T-shirts might be popular for teenagers, while your older adults might prefer a Promotional Keyring or a Promotional Notebook.
  2. How many people will be receiving a giveaway? Is it a function or event for a dozen potential clients or interacting with thousands of potential clients? Knowing how many people you have to provide for could help you narrow your search down.
  3. Where will you be giving out these logo-ed freebies? Giveaways are different to those you would giveaway at trade shows that those of client meetings or award banquets. Promotional Pens, T-Shirts and Caps make great giveaways in certain events, while Jackets, Notebooks and Folders are appropriate for other venues.
  4. What is your budget? Price shouldn’t be the only focus of the perfect giveaway, it is very important to know how much you are able or willing to spend on the product selection. Also remember that client appreciate effort, and to spend more on exclusive gifts will only benefit the giveaway.
  5. How will the giveaway serve as a brand reminder? Promotional products (Corporate Gift or Corporate Clothing) are proven to be the best advertising media to grow your brand and spread your marketing message. When selecting an item, think about how people will be reminded of your brand when looking at your giveaway. Daily use? High value? Contact Information? What message is important for your brand?

Any branded product you use as a giveaway, should be useful to the receiving client. According to the 2013 Global Advertising Specialties Study, 77% of the clients that have received a promotional product, kept the item because it was useful. Ask yourself these five questions on how to get the perfect giveaway gift for you next marketing or brand campaign.
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