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Well selected staff gifts.

Well selected staff gifts.

Too many managers may not necessarily be aware of the great value that could be derived from well selected staff gifts. They are convinced that year-end bonuses are more than enough to keep employees motivated to work hard. What few realise though is that money – while necessary – is often impersonal and usually inadequate as a genuine form of “appreciation”. Furthermore, while remuneration ought not to be substituted, supplementing your remuneration scheme with thoughtful back to work gifts this January and February can make a world of difference. In fact, for a number of progressive enterprises corporate gifts for staff have become the answer to the less-than-optimal employee productivity – and that’s apart from the fact that staff gifts also make some of the strongest “brand ambassadors” available!

So if you’ve been hoping to plug the performance gap early up this year there are a host of great gifts to choose from. Branded notebooks, stationery hampers, novel memory sticks, corporate clothing, promotional bags, lunch coolers are only a few options available! At Ignition we understand the importance of quality, which is why our wide range of staff gifting options are designed, manufactured, sourced and supplied with the highest regard for excellence. We subscribe to unsurpassed industry standards that assure you of maximum success in your back to work campaign. In this way your quality gift will also make a lasting impact on your workforce and top performers.

Staff gifts can likewise be channelled to some of your leading clients, if not all your clients. This means you are creating an unusual opportunity to not only thank them, but your investment in particular quality of gifts will also allow them to in turn appreciate their own staff. Subsequently, staff gifts designed with your employees and clients in mind enable you to reinforce these vital relationships that are so core to the sustainable growth of your business.

Our comprehensive range of corporate gifts also allows us to meet your specific needs and preferences, including budget. This dispels the notion that effective staff gifts must be “expensive”. Our products offer great value for money, plus we are able to design a promotional strategy with due regard for your budget – without cutting back on quality of-course! So whether you are planning a staff gifting campaign around branded pens or complete executive business hampers, you can expect your selection to effectively communicate your brand message…exactly as intended!
For the widest selection of staff gifts view our online catalogue or contact us directly for further assistance. Our creative team is also always available to help you produce your envisaged corporate gift from scratch.

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