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Why Promotional Merchandise Is Not A Waste of Money?

Brand equity through promotional merchandise and branded goods

Why Promotional Merchandise is not a Waste of Money.

The power of promotional merchandise

Promotional merchandise has a lower cost per impression (CPI) than prime-time television, national magazines and newspaper ads. In addition promotional products are considered the highest regarded form of advertising. 85% of recipients can recall a brand or company who marketed themselves by gifting a branded or logo-ed item. Promotional products deliver the same or better ROI than most other forms of media, without the interruptions inherent with other forms of advertising. 

The benchmark for this calculation is that the majority of branded goods are kept for more or less a period of 7 months. This differs from product to product, however this is the broad average over multiple products. Interestingly enough there is also a high likelihood that promotional products are passed on when the original recipient has no more use for it. On average 60% of promotional products are passed on to others after the original recipient no longer uses it

Further to the above, there is also a paradigm shift in the minds of the customers you gift with promotional goods. More or less 50% of recipients feel favourable towards business that distribute promo products. In addition, 36% of people reported that they would do business again with businesses that provided promotional gifts. 

The power of promotional products become particularly alluring considering the prohibitive cost of radio or television commercials. In short, promotional products offer high value at a lower cost.


Promotional products always hits your intended target market

The mere fact that you are giving something to a targeted or selected individual or targeted audience, speaks to the effectiveness of branded goods. You have a captive audience when you give them something with your logo on. Promotional products are not like YouTube ads that can be skipped, or ads on television you can fast forward past. Your audience sees your logo, slogan or message every time they use your promotional item. Your CPI on branded merchandise increases based on the frequency that items is used. In addition the likelihood for brand recognition and recall also subsequently increases. It is for this reason, that is essential to get the perfect product for your intended audience. In short, you need a promotional gift or product that is practical to encourage frequent use. 


A strategic approach to marketing through promotional products

Based on even the smallest marketing budgets one can achieve big-budget results using promotional products. Unlike other forms of media, promotional products can be used practically and functionally. For example, your client charging their phone with your branded powerbank, or having your branded flashlight during load shedding. It is with this in mind that you should approach selecting promotional products from angle of practicality, usefulness and function. Understanding your client is key. For instance, will an accountant prefer a calculator to stapler? Or will an executive appreciate an opulent pen more than a mouse pad? In essence, understanding the audience is the first part of your brief.

Secondly, you need to approach the selection with your occasion or theme in mind. For instance, is this a special occasion, an event or activation. You can potentially get away with selecting tote bags and pens for an expo, but you would not have the same effect when it is a year end gift. The essence and character of a promotional product relies on the occasion and this in-turn determines the product set. 

Lastly, you need to focus on what you would like to communicate. Your message, the tone and your brand voice. This determines how you would need to brand your products.

In establishing these elements our expert team can provide you with the correct selection. In addition this also provides us with guidelines on how to best brand your chosen promotional product set. Ignition excels in matching your brief to our wide range of products. We are able to manage the process from ideation to delivery. 


The key takeaways of utilising promotional products in your marketing strategy

Promotional products occupy a unique space within marketing activities and should form part of any marketing strategy. Promotional products fosters brand awareness and is an ever present reminder of your brand. We can assist you to propel your brand further than you can imagine. While capturing your brand voice and identity in a product that you can have confidence in. Visit our store or get in touch with our team to get your promotional product strategy in place.