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The start of a new year can be exciting and demanding – Back to work gifts

Back to work branded goods and merchandise

The start of a new year can be exciting and demanding - Back to work gifts

Back to work gifts and promotional branded goods

Everyone is finding their feet and getting back into their working routines and responsibilities. In addition, business owners reflect on the previous year and determine the growth trajectory for the year to come. In conjunction with this, the marketing strategies for the year are being prepared and are set into motion. This includes identifying loyal key clients, new audiences and target markets, prospects and other constituents. Over and above this, plans are also being made as to how to grow existing and prospective business relationships. Whether you are thanking loyal clients, connecting with new clients, appreciating staff or pursuing targeted promotional drives – corporate gifts come highly recommended.

Irrespective of who you are targeting, as your branded marketing solution provider, we can help you strike the right cords. From office stationery, including notebooks, up-market tech such as powerbanks, and welcome back hampers – we offering bespoke solutions to meet your needs. Customisation includes items uniquely branded with your company name, logo, message or other specific “add-ons” directed at your target market.


Your team needs to be focused and your brand must be their compass  

Apart from client gifts, you may want to thank your incredible employees for their ongoing commitment. By doing so you can motivate them to accomplish more and push harder and perform better than ever before. Staff gifts are a great way of saying “thank you”, “great job” and “keep up the good work”. In doing so you can  creating a keener sense of belonging in the pursuit of shared goals and values. In addition back to work gifts go a long way to show your staff how much you value their commitment.

You don’t have to struggle to find the perfect corporate gift or clothing item for either clients or staff. Ignition will gladly assist in advising and designing an offering which synergises with your intent and brand message. Ignition’s range of products are procured and crafted according to the highest standards. It is though our commitment to quality that we ensure your brand punches through the barriers. Our lines are comprised of industry leading brands. We provide the best all the way from material and fabric, to design, prints as well as branding. Over and above all of this our commitment to provide you with professional and reliable customer service is key to our winning recipe.